Clinical Conception to Give You Flawless Skin

There are four basic elements of CRES principle to achieve effective skincare which include Cleanse, Revitalise, Exfoliate and Stimulate.



Pores clogged with dead skin, oil, sweat & foreign debris


Uneven Skin Colour

UV radiation produces free radicals that impair normal cell function of melanocytes


Thickening Dead Skin Layers

Slow cell turnover leads to increased dead skin contributing to dull, dry and rough skin surface


Thinning Living Skin Layers

Thinning dermis leads to lines and wrinkles




While we are busy in our daily chores, our skin is exposed to thousands of small particles of debris, smoke and other invisible organisms like bacteria, which are harmful for our skin. Alongside, using the cosmetic products, creams and moisturisers further adds to the process of clogging of pores. The clogged pores act as a medium for bacterial growth which causes acne spurts, leaving behind spots. Accumulated bacteria and dirt causes production of oil called sebum that further causes pore enlargement.

Accumulated debris and dust particles on the skin damage its elastin and collagen fibres. These fibres are responsible to maintain tight, resilient and young-looking skin. When collagen and elastin fibres are damaged, the skin will lose its firmness and will appear furrowed and saggy.

When your smooth and radiant skin is damaged by enlarged pores, it appears rough and unpleasant. Accumulated debris in pores allows bacteria to reproduce rapidly. This leads to skin infection and development of acne. Consequently, the acne leaves behind scars which are known as Post-inflamatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). Additional problems include skin inflammation, bacterial aggregation, spots as well as milia. Milia are cyst-like protrusions on the skin that generally appear on the cheeks and nose and usually are multiple in numbers.

Our cleansing products not only contain agents that cleanse the skin superficially but they also consist of ingredients that provide deep cleansing. These agents are far more efficient and provide added cleansing effects as compared to the regular over-the-counter face washes available in stores. The atmosphere thus, acts like a silent foe for your skin. Our chief cleansing ingredients in our cleansing products include:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Lactic acid
  • Mandelic acid
  • Glycolic acid

The air around you therefore is a silent enemy of your skin, and your regular face wash is not enough to do the job!


Revitalisation is an important regime to guard our skin from the injury caused by free radicals. It improves uneven complexion and reduces pigmentation. The important vitamins, potent and active antioxidants as well as skin brighteners present in our products are play a crucial role in revitalisation by repairing skin cells. They regulate smooth complexion and target discolored skin and solar spots.

What Exactly is Free-radical Damage?

When a fresh apple is divided into two and left exposed to the air for some time, it turns brown from inside. This is due to the action of free radicals present in the air. Similarly, our skin also gets damaged when it is constantly exposed to sunlight and pollution. Damaged skin cells eventually die because of the strong UV radiation coupled with the atmospheric debris. Vitamins like C, E as well as glutathione act as antioxidants which have the capability to neutralize the free radicals and diminish their damaging effects.


In order to produce new and fresh skin cells the most important step is to remove the dead skin cells. This will cause decreased pore size and will result in better looking youthful skin which is bright and full of life. Effective peeling ingredients such as pyruvic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid are part of the strong exfoliating agents present in our products.


Stimulation of the skin cells is vital to enable them to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The more these fibres in the skin the better skin will look. As we age our skin cells damage and become prone to wrinkles and sagginess. However, we can delay the aging process by rejuvenating the skin cells from within, with the help of active ingredients like vitamins, retinoids, multiple peptides and immune boosters present in our products.


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