About This Cookie Policy

In order to continue our motto to provide quality customer service on our website we use cookies. This Cookie Policy explains the use of cookies, the type of cookies we use and what you can do about it. This policy also tells you what are your rights in relation to the data we collect from you.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text or code files that are stored on your browser or hard drive of the device you are using to access the website, when you visit a webpage. The purpose of cookies is to make your browsing experience even better and smoother by remembering your preferences. This allows you not to insert your details over and over again.

How do we use cookies?

There are many uses for Cookies but some primary reasons why we use them are:

  • To know your browsing habits on our website
  • To know the details of the page visited and the number of visitors on or website
  • To learn how you got to know about our website

What type of cookies do we use?

Here are some of the main Cookies we use on our site:


Targeted adverts are carried out to promote our services on Facebook. This enables us to locate and target the effective individuals to ensure the effectiveness of the ad campaign on third party websites. The following features of Facebook may also be integrated into our website to read cookies.

  • Facebook Share button (to allow users to share items on Facebook)
  • Facebook Like button (to allow users to like items on Facebook)
  • Facebook Social Graph (to allow us to pull elements of Facebook such as profile images into our website)

Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel technology is used to showcase interest-based advertisements from our choice of bands. The data collected by Facebook pixel may be used as anonymous sources to upgrade our marketing efforts to increase their impact.


If you create or log in into Twitter, the twitter cookies will be stored in your phone so you may stay logged in until your next visit to our website. Your personal data is inaccessible to us.

The following features of Twitter are integrated into our website and may place or read cookies

  • Twitter account log in
  • Twitter share


Instagram feeds are embedded by us. We use certain elements such as local cookies, storage use and pixels to show you relevant content. We also use it to improve our products and services along with building a better understanding with the user.

YouTube and Google

The following features of YouTube and Google are incorporated into our website:

  • YouTube video player to allow you to view YouTube videos
  • YouTube log in to allow users to log in to YouTube account and interact with DEC
  • Google+1 button to allow users to tag items
  • Google log in to allow users to log in to their Google accounts and interact with our website

Google Analytics

A variety of Cookies with reference to Google Analytics are used by us to analyse our website traffic and determine which aspects require improvement.

Google AdWords

These Cookies enable us to obtain the report about the performance of our paid links on Google search results.

Social Network

We may also integrate features of third-party websites, mostly social networks. These Cookies enable us to launch personalized advertisement to make it more relevant to you. We will have no access to the data collected by them via these Cookies as we are only functioning as operators. However, when doing so we will ask for your consent and inform you likewise.

How do you change cookie preference or block cookies?

Cookies are a great help to us for boosting your experience but if you decide for some reason that you do not want Cookies, you can take certain steps to ensure that this happens by blocking cookies.

Go to the settings of the browser you use and find the option of Cookie Management. See if it is allowing Cookies, if so, you can find the Privacy section and choose to block some or all Cookies. Generally, your browser will offer you the choice of accepting, refusing and deleting cookies at all times or third-party cookies. If you block cookies on your website you may be unable to access certain areas of our website and certain functions will not be available to you.

Changes to the Cookie Policy

We may update this Policy from time to time. So kindly regularly check this space to ensure that you are aware of the most updated version.


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