How To Look Good While Travelling

Traveling is a healthy way to improve your life. It helps reduce stress, keeps your body healthy, and is known to boost brain health! There’s no denying the fact that traveling provides many, many benefits, BUT if you ignore proper care of your skin, your traveling experience can be a daunting one!

A typical travel checklist involves dozens of to-dos – from getting your passport, tickets, last minute holiday shopping to packing your bags. It is therefore common that your skincare would be last on your priority list!

This is where things can get problematic because the change in weather, a change in your skincare routine, and at times, jetlag can have a negative impact on your skin. However, the good news is – your skincare on the go isn’t at all complicated. A little bit of homework can help you avoid any significant skincare issues while you’re away.

Whether you are flying to a distant location, or travelling on ground, you can always look your best by following these simple yet effective travel skincare tips:

1- Only Carry the Vital Skincare Products

Make sure to only pack the most vital skincare products that you use.

Be cautious when pouring products into travel-size containers; as certain ingredients within the products can breakdown when exposed to air, and therefore will diminish their overall effectiveness.

A better idea would be to omit these extra items that are not essential. That said, you might want to ditch your face masks – It’s unlikely that you will have time to use whilst on holiday. Other additional items that you can leave behind include face scrubs and cleansing brushes.

2- Help your Skin Stay Hydrated

While using intense facial moisturisers can make your skin appear supple and hydrated, too much of this actually makes your skin dependant and lazy. If you are using a moisturizer – which you shouldn’t to be honest! –  try using a light wear moisturiser the night before you travel. Moisturisers can help maintain your skin’s hydration whilst in long haul flights. The air inside planes is drying and you get exposed to the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure.

3- Mist Spray is A Must

Whether you are on a weekend trip or a long vacation, always carry a facial mist. A mist spray will help add moisture to your skin throughout your journey, particularly if you have a sensitive, dry, or combination type skin.

If your skin is towards the oily type, pack some blotting papers so you can dab it on the face when necessary.

4- Avoid touching your face

Dermatologists recommend to avoid unnecessarily touching your face. By doing so, your skin can come in contact with bacteria that can cause various skin problems such as spots. If for any reason you have no other choice, use an antibacterial hand wash on your hands first to protect your skin.

5- Never Forget Cleanser and Sunscreen

If your bags are full and only have space for two items, let it be your cleanser and sunscreen! A sudden change in cleansers can negatively affect your skin’s acid balance and cause breakouts. Cleansers are easy to transfer into any travel-size containers, because its’ ingredients remain impeccable when exposed to air.

Likewise, sunscreen must be carried too. A good sunscreen not only protects you from UV rays but also enhances overall skin health. For warmer climates, you will need a large amount of sunscreen. If you have limited space in your luggage, you can buy your favourite sunscreen at your destination, or have it shipped there before you leave so it is ready by the time you arrive.

6- Carry Sheet Masks

So we’ve told you not to take face masks, but it is a good idea to take sheet masks instead. These treatment-soaked papers won’t occupy additional space in your bag and are a great replacement for the serums and special creams that you will skip during your trip.

7- Skip the Foundation and Makeup

As hard as it sounds for you females, let go of your foundation whist you are on holiday. Use a light wearing moisturiser as an alternative. If you absolutely need to wear makeup – make sure to put on a primer first (a silicone-based liquid or cream that adds a layer of protection between skin and makeup). It will help foundation last much longer and keep your skin hydrated.

Avoid too much makeup as the change in climate conditions can cause your skin to break out. It is better to stick to your daily vitamin c serum, cleanser and sunscreen.

8- Get a Goodnight’s Sleep

Lack of sleep when you are traveling can predispose your skin to problems such as dark circles around the eyes. Try your best to get the right amount of sleep even while traveling.

9- Safe Buys Abroad

There are a number of products that you can buy abroad that can be cheaper or similar in price to the products you use at home. This means you can afford to leave them at home:

  • body lotions
  • shower gels
  • soaps
  • talcum powders
  • perfumes

Regardless of your lifestyle, you can always take the time to follow an effective daily skincare routine. It is an important healthy habit, which doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple routine using multi-purpose products will help you throughout your trip.

Hope you take these simple tips on board and have a great journey!


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