Benefits of Niacinamide: The One Skincare Ingredient That Does It All

Ever heard of supporting roles in the movies? They build, enhance and underpin the performance of the main actors. The role of Niacinamide for skin is somewhat similar. Without it, you cannot claim to have a robust skincare routine. From boosting your skin’s keratin to supporting your skin’s lipid barrier. The amazing benefits of niacinamide are listed in this post. Read on!

Importance of a Robust Skincare

Yes, Botox and Dermal Fillers are great anti ageing weapons that help to keep your skin looking its best but nothing beats a daily skincare routine that involves:

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Treating / Repairing
  • Moisturising
  • Protecting

In fact, by adding skin actives after consulting your dermatologist can even help you avoid injectables in addition to providing a radiant, smoother and firmer looking skin.


The action or process of investing time and money with the expectation of achieving healthy, glowing, and supple skin in the future.

Are you making one right now?

Let us help you kickstart it with basics such as Vitamin B3 also known as ‘skin over achiever’.

What is Niacinamide?

One of the most effective anti-inflammatories found in many skincare products, niacinamide is a water-soluble, multipurpose derivative of vitamin B3.

It may not be the talk of town as yet but top skincare brands and beauty influencers on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram are sold over this.


Thanks to an impressive list of benefits of niacinamide that has made it a cult favourite and dermatologists around the globe totally endorse its use for men and women.

Top 7 Benefits of Niacinamide That Skin Experts Want You to Know

The Skin Advisor by Harley Street Formulations has compiled for you some of the top holy grail skin solutions that Niacinamide has to offer. No need to resort to DIY skin concoctions when you have clinically proven skincare ingredients at your disposal that actually give results.

  • Delivers Brightening Effect

A hydrated luminous complexion is desired by all and sundry and for all the right reasons! From A-list celebs to our favourite models, flawlessly glowing skin stands by far on top of the ‘Red Carpet Checklist’. 

While expensive skin treatments such as Profhilo and Vampire Facials are great, but a powerful clinical skincare routine has no match! By adding Niacinamide to either your morning or evening routine, you get skin tone clarity without breaking your bank.

Niacinamide brightens and lightens your skin by limiting the spread of melanosomes. It may be somewhat less effective than hydroquinone for skin lightening. However, the majority of skin types may tolerate niacinamide much more effectively because it is far less irritating.

  • Anti-aging Benefits

Do you know what must include in your anti ageing skincare regimen other than Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Retinol and Hyaluronic acid? Vitamin B3 of course!

One of the top benefits of Niacinamide for skin is how it subtly wards off fine lines and wrinkles. By promoting skin cells turnover and metabolism along with secreting collagen protein, this unsung hero adds firmness and improves elasticity with regular use.

  • Improves Skin Barrier Function

Imagine a wall of bricks of a house that prevents rain, wind and UV rays of sun from entering it. Your skin’s outer layer, stratum corneum, is your skin’s barrier.

Niacinamide strengthens the skin’s capacity to hold moisture by defending its natural barrier, reducing irritation, dryness and sensitivity.

Your skin cells can repair more quickly and delay the ageing process by locking in moisture. Moreover, it has antibacterial powers that are meant to prevent microbes from breaching the skin barrier.

  •  Reduces Inflammation and Redness

If your face is flushed all the time, you need this vitamin ASAP. Niacinamide soothes and calms the skin. This particular function can have a range of good effects on the skin, including, calming breakouts and reducing the look of redness and inflammation.

As for the sensitive skin types out there, Niacinamide is also considered to be very well tolerated. So, it should not exacerbate the redness of skin that is already quite fragile and vulnerable to many skincare ingredients.

  • Minimises the Appearance of Pores

Do you mind the look of your pores? Are they so large that you can see them in the mirror without zooming in? We hear you.

The sweat glands and hair follicles on your body have tiny holes called facial pores that allow gases and liquids to pass through the skin’s surface. While they are more abundant on your face, such as the pores on your nose, they are found elsewhere on your skin where there are oil glands.

Salicylic acid is good too but do you know what else supports the role of a BHA? Vitamin B3. One of the beloved benefits of niacinamide is its ability to shrink pores.

According to researchers performing double-blind clinical experiments, Niacinamide considerably minimises the look of pore size and poor skin texture in as little as 2 to 4 weeks of using niacinamide on skin.

  • Regulates Sebum and Oil Production

Unhappy with your greasy skin? Your oil producing glands / sebaceous glands are probably acting up. Moreover, this sebum production can also lead to inflammatory acne breakouts.

Skin soothing Niacinamide regulates your sebaceous glands which in turn lowers their oil production that otherwise enlarges and clogs your pores. Hence, making it a must-add skincare ingredient to an oily face routine.

  • A Must-Have Beauty Potion For Blemish-Prone Skin

As mentioned above, Vitamin B3 has well known skin soothing and calming properties, which is why it is widely formulated in anti-acne and blemishes fighting antidotes.

The oxidative stress that inflammation causes in the sebaceous follicle triggers the breakout cycle. This is where the supportive role of the anti inflammatory, Niacinamide, comes in.

Studies found that niacinamide treatment on a regular basis significantly reduces acne lesions.

Harley Street Formulations experts highly recommend people suffering from blemish-prone skin to use deep pore cleansing foam wash CLEANSE and Stimulate RE cream to clinically battle out their skin concern.

Take a look at some of the stellar reviews from the regular users of Harley Street Formulations clinical skincare line!

Pairing Benefits of Niacinamide and Vitamin C

Without a shadow of doubt, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 are loaded with skin benefits and also deserve to be incorporated into your daily skincare routine. The results?

A complexion that comes out as brighter, healthier, smoother and younger looking.

Now the question is, how to make this plan actually work for you?

Let’s dive in.

While Vitamin C, one of the most hyped and proven antioxidants, brightens and protects the skin against free radicals in the environment. Check out more on wonders of Vitamin C for skin blog in the Skin Advisor of Harley Street Formulations.

The benefits of niacinamide are no less amazing than those of L-ascorbic acid. As discussed above, Vitamin B3 visibly improves the skin’s quality such as boosting hydration, reducing skin inflammation to minimise open pores and regulating sebum production.

Ideal Modus Operandi?

To make the most out of these skincare ingredients, you may want to wait up to 15 minutes while layering them separately in your skincare routine. The other way is to become skin smart by adding a Vitamin C serum that is strategically infused with Vitamin B3 to your beauty pantry.

You can also use it in your AM and PM skincare ritual and save yourself time, money and of course, an unending confusion between what goes first!

Revitalise C20 Vitamin C Serum With Niacinamide

Experts at Harley Street Formulations realise the value of Vitamin B3 in a skincare routine. So, they just had to infuse our most potent best-seller Vitamin C serum with Niacinamide to improve the quality and health of your skin.

So now, you do not need to slather an extra layer of a separate serum to get your skincare goals!

The Supportive Role of Benefits of Niacinamide

By adding just the right concentrations of both the skincare machos in the Revitalise C20 serum, the clinicians have achieved a slew of skin goals including:

  • Antioxidant power
  • Collagen boost
  • Radiance enhancement
  • Impressive hydration
  • Suitability for all skin types

Experts Key Takeaways on Benefits of Niacinamide

To cut short, skincare experts at Harley Street Formulations along with many others worldwide fully support the supportive and lead role of this multi-tasker.

The fact that this water soluble Vitamin B3 for skin performs well with other skin actives such as Salicylic acid (BHA), Vitamin C, or Retinol makes it ideal for all kinds of skincare regimens.

No matter what your gender or age is, Niacinamide is promising enough to become a part of your skincare routine to make it work! But do not forget to protect your skin from damaging UV rays if you wish to enjoy the skin benefits of niacinamide.

Nevertheless, a word of caution from us is to always seek a dermatologist consultation before jumping on the bandwagon of any trending skincare product, ingredient or routine.

Let us know if you have tried niacinamide with Vitamin C yet? If yes, what skin benefits do you enjoy?




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