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Your Skin Regime - why?


Alpha Hydroxy Acids Foam Wash


With our cleansers, you can effectively fight off oil, dirt, and bacteria which cause inflammation on the skin's surface and deep inside the skin pores. You should not use the cleansers that have detergents in them. Potent active ingredients like glycolic acid or salicylic acid are the preferred potent active ingredients that quickly work to improve skin. Glycolic acid is suitable for normal skin while salicylic acid is suitable for acne-prone and oily skin.


Antioxidants L-Ascorbic Ferulic Hyaluronic Tocopherol B3 Serums


Exposure to UV rays because of the formation of free radicals within the skin which cause damage to the cell membrane and skin's DNA. This results in a reduction of cellular function. Free radicals formation activates ‘melanocytes,' cells that produce melanin which causes erratic production of ‘melanin.' Hence, the use of potent antioxidant offers a dual benefit. It prevents daily damage to cells and production of pigment due to UV rays which improve skin’s glow and vitality.


Lactic Gycolic Pyrucic Acid Gels


Skin Exfoliation using alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) gives gar superior results as compared to other harsh and electronic types which use force. AHAs can penetrate deeper into the skin. They break the bonding between skin cells which holds them together. This helps to remove dead skin than with usual methods effectively. Regular skin exfoliation with AHAs removes dead skin cells which help to smoothen your skin texture, reduce spots and prevents breakouts due to clogged pores.


Retinol Retinal Peptide Serums Creams


There are just a few ingredients in skincare medicine that are known for stimulating your cells to produce natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, control melanin production directly by targeting receptors on the cell nucleus. Two broad categories are Retinoids and Peptides/Growth Factors.

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