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Cleanse skin to remove excess oils, dirt and other foreign debris

For Clogged Pores Excessive Oil

Deep Pore Facial Cleanser

Revitalise Vitamin C Serum protects the skin with powerful antioxidants

Saggy Skin Inflammation Dullness

Exfoliate dead skin layers to simulate cellular turnover and improve skin texture

Uneven Skin Tone Dead Skin Aging Signs

Vitamin C Serum

Stimulate Retinol Cream for collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin production by key cellular functions

For Antiageing Firmness Hyperpigmentation Pores

Skin Advisor By Cosmetic Doctors

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Pure Pearl Beauty

Vitamin C a Skin Hero
The Mega skin Antioxidant

Clinical Grade Skin Care

Vitamin C a Skin Hero
The Mega skin Antioxidant

Skin Tightening

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🕵🏻‍♀️Cosmedocs Age Detectives! Reading Facial Lines 🔍

Ever wondered what the lines on a face can tell us about age? As we age, our skin naturally develops lines and wrinkles due to factors like collagen loss, repeated facial expressions, and sun exposure.

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Polynucleotide eyes

Concern Area - Eyes 👀 
 🧬Polynucleotides used to target creppy skin and under eyebags.
🟢Noticed improved skin texture and tone ,reduced fine lines and under eye bags after just one session.

🕛 15 minutes 
💉with or without anesthetic

Have you heard of Trout/ Salmon Sperm DNA treatment? 🧬

Polynucleotides are derived from purified Salmon/ Trout sperm DNA.
Polynucleotides are the gold standard in skin regeneration, utilizing ultra-purified DNA fractions to stimulate natural fibroblast production. This boosts collagen levels by up to 47% and thickens the epidermis by up to 52% in just 23 days. 

lt enhances skin texture, reduces fine lines, targets under-eye bags, restore firmness and elasticity while protecting against cellular damage.

Typically, 2-3 treatments spaced out to 2-4 weeks apart are recommended for optimal results.

#Cosmedocs #harleystreetinstitute #polynucleotides #SkinRegeneration #YouthfulEyes”
Did you know? Polynucleotides extracted from trout sperm are key to groundbreaking genetic research. These complex molecules from fish help scientists understand life’s blueprint! 🧬🐟 #Genetics #TroutSperm ##undereyecircles #londonfashion
Lip enhancement can be approached in two distinct ways: one that is gentle and non-traumatic, leading to natural-looking results, and another that is aggressive, potentially resulting in permanent negative effects. We always adhere to the KISS principle - keep it simple and safe.

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The best approach to treating mature skin involves cautiously distributing fillers throughout its various layers. It’s essential to possess the necessary skills, as administering injectables goes beyond simply following a manual’s instructions!
#aestheticmedecine #dermalfillertraining #antiaging #confidence #cosmedocs #harleystreet
The foundational steps for skin rejuvenation in medical aesthetics begin with initiating retinoid use, followed by a skin peel, then microneedling, and finally PRP treatments. Starting with retinoids activates the skin to produce more collagen, making subsequent treatments like microneedling even more effective.
We have spent a year carefully enhancing this lady’s profile with subtle improvements at @harleystreetinstitute #beautiphication #cosmedocs
Rethink, Reshape, Effortlessly: Liquid Rhinoplasty - The Simple Solution You’ve Overcomplicated - ONLY in professional hand! #nosejob #harleystreet 

If You Were Concerned About Your Nose, Would You Consider A Permanent Surgical or A Long Lasting Non Surgical Rhinoplasty?
“Transforming the essence of beauty across diverse cranial landscapes—brachycephalic grace meets dolichocephalic elegance. Botox crafts a symphony of balance, enhancing the intrinsic charm hidden within every contour. Celebrate your unique cranial silhouette. #BrachycephalicBeauty #DolichocephalicElegance #BotoxArtistry” #masseterbotox #jawlineslimmingbotox

Do You Agree Oval Face Are Aesthetically In Demand?
At times, a procedure is so quick and effective, it’s over almost before it starts. This leaves one feeling conflicted about charging patients the market rate for such swift service. But it’s a testament to the value of experience, not just the time spent, that enables such speedy success. #tweakments #dermalfiller #beautysecrets
Approximately every ten years past the age of 25, the lip corner descends by about 1 mm. For preventive purposes, fillers are applied in small quantities, measured in drops rather than full syringes. #aestheticmedicine #lipfiller #aunaturale
Unveil radiant skin with our top 3 treatments for acne scars at Cosmedocs.

For Bookings Contact:
📱 +44 7735 606447
 ☎️ +08008600178

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The aging process in the face generally includes a decrease in volume, which causes the skin to sag. Using dermal fillers to replenish this lost volume can successfully elevate and adjust the drooping skin. It’s important to note that facial aging usually follows a sequence of volume reduction leading to skin sagging. Contrary viewpoints on social media regarding this can often be surprising. other treatment videos will be revealed over the next few days.

 #jawlinefiller #aestheticmedicine #dermalfiller
Could this be a major step forward in ensuring the integrity and accuracy of transformational journeys?

Exploring the Frontiers of AI: ChatGPT’s advanced processing capabilities are a game changer, especially in distinguishing authentic before and after results. 

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Enhancing Facial Harmony: Focusing on Key Features to Balance and Beautify Faces with Large Structures and Gentle Jawlines
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Last year, we shared an update about a client who had received fillers from us. Previously, she was having regular Botox only. We’re now excited to show you the results after almost 1 year; she’s had Botox in the meantime. The combination of both treatments has yielded fantastic results #wrinklefree #dermalfillers
At CosmeDocs, we take a comprehensive approach to address under-eye circles, which are often more noticeable from the late 20s onwards. These aesthetic concerns are compounded by the emergence of dips and grooves leading to a sunken mid-face appearance. Our tailored tear trough treatments incorporate both cannula and needle techniques. This dual approach allows for precise augmentation and correction, targeting the various layers of the under-eye area to smooth out dips and grooves effectively. It’s not just about enhancement but restoring a natural, refreshed look, focusing on meticulous volume replacement to ensure seamless continuity and harmony between all facial compartments.
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“🚫 Saying NO to Vermillion Border #dermalfillers in Younger Clients 🙅‍♀️

Injecting too much filler into the vermillion border of young clients can lead to unwanted consequences like border spread, fibrosis, and a loss of natural definition. 👄✨

However, in older clients experiencing natural border loss, small, strategic additions can enhance their natural beauty gracefully. 💁‍♀️💉

Balance and expertise are key in achieving beautiful, age-appropriate results! 💖 #dermalfillertraining #aestheticmedicine #AgeGracefully #saynotorussianlips 
#cosmedocs #cosmelips #harleystreetinstitute #botoxtraining #russianlips
There are many reasons to fill crows feet with small volumes of filler including but not limited to:
-collagen production 
-reduces Botox dose & frequency required 
-More natural result than just Botox 

Training video coming soon on @harleystreetinstitute 
#aestheticmedicine #eyewrinkles #cosmedocs #glowandgoclinic

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